Mobile: the perfect platform for converged authentication

Niel Bester|27 February 2018
Mobile: the perfect platform for converged authentication

Not all authentication solutions are created equal. A weak solution is a chore for your customers, something that stands in the way of them doing business or shopping or communicating. But a superior solution can strengthen your customers’ trust in your organization; it can be a launchpad for digital innovation, a way to unlock capabilities you haven’t even thought of.

Trust is the foundation of every interaction you have with your customers in the digital world. You need a way to know exactly who you’re communicating with when you cannot physically see your customer. Strong authentication is not just about letting the right people and devices in, and keeping the wrong ones out. It is fundamentally about building and maintaining trust between your organization and your end-users. Employing the end-user’s mobile device as a second factor of authentication in your interactions with them is a good approach to achieving this trust; an approach that has already found favor in the industry. But what if you could go even further? What if the mobile device could function as a multifactor authenticator, both for in-mobile and off-mobile interactions?

This is where the magic happens. Enter converged authentication: the funneling together of all the channels and experiences you would like to offer, all to a single authentication point, right in your customers’ hands. You can develop innovative mobile functionalities that embody the omnichannel experience you want to offer your customers. You can develop feature-rich applications that engage your customers and simplify their lives. Your organization gains visibility by being present in each of these new digital interactions. The fact that you offer two independent authentication factors on the mobile drives mobile-based trust between your organization and your customers.

Converged authentication saves time and inspires confidence in your digital services. Whether banking online, scanning a QR code, making a contactless payment, or shopping via 3-D Secure, your customers enjoy a consistent, secure experience. Don’t let clumsy, out-of-date security technology hold back your organization’s capacity for innovation. Choose a mobile authentication solution that doesn’t just secure, but also drives your whole digital enablement strategy.

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Niel Bester

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